Our services

Of course, the main service offered is translation. But also proofreading, desktop publishing quality control (DTP QC), localization, cultural adequacy assessment, transcription from Spanish audio files, subtitles quality control, web page quality control, and TM maintenance, among others, are offered.

  • Localization (adapting a text for a given counry or region)
  • Transcreation (creative translation; includes looking for appropriate cultural equivalents)
  • Edition/Proofreading (making sure the translation is correct and properly written)
  • PostDTP proofreading (checking a document after layout to make sure everything is in place)
  • Database maintenance and translation
  • Webpage services
    • Webpage quality translation (HTML)
    • Webpage quality control
  • Cultural adequacy assessment (checking if a translation or proposed product name is adequate for a given culture)
  • Audiovisual services
    • Transcription (creating a text file from an audio file)
    • Subtitle translation
    • Subtitle quality control