Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, but not only that. Technical translation is anything that is related to the science and technology: chemistry, electronics, engineering, air conditioning, automobiles, biology, nutrition and cooking, mining. Along the years, we have widened our fields to include some others that do not strictly fall into the definition above: art (including museums materials), food & beverage (including menus and recipes), and international trade, healthcare and hospitality.

Like surgeons or lawyers, we are professionals and we do not publish our rates, Send us an email with your project/query description and we will be happy to send a quote.

Since 1996, give or take.

We have been working with translation agencies/LSPs since day one. Our clients are located in the U.S., Canada, the UK, Spain and France.

The computer files world is not limited to Word, Excel and PowerPoint files. While these file types are the lion’s share of our work, we can happily work with other file formats. Send us an email and so we can discuss your needs.