Your requirements of quality and time-to-deliver are strict. We are here to help!

Your needs are pressing and unflexible. You have to deliver that report, launch that product, file that application or post that newsletter. We can help.

At Techtranslation we understand that the language is not only good for communication: besides that, the language is a tool to persuade, instruct, agree and argue. You need your translations fine-tuned to each purpose.

From a product brochure to a user’s manual to a press release, we have the experience and expertise to support you. There is a lot depending on your translated materials; let us provide you with the technically accurate and rethorically persuassive translations that you need.


The people

On the professional fora there is a recurrent discussion: it is better to have an specialist in a subject matter that learns translation later or a trained translator that learns about the subject matters later? We can offer the best of both worlds: part of the staff fits one description and part of the staff fits the other.

Salvador Virgen is a chemical engineer who became a translator. He has been a full-time translator since 1995. He also has a M.A. in literature and he is a certified translator by the American Translators Association. Before being a translator he worked in analytical chemistry, computer programming, and high-speed video.

He teaches technical translation and plays the saxophone

Nabey Sánchez has a B.A. in languages with a major in translation. Her working languages are English, French and Spanish. Her first translated book will be published soon by a major editorial house. She is a science enthusiast with a huge love for museums.

Among her projects besides the translation there is a blues band.

Memberships and associations

We are individual members of the following translators associations and abide by their Codes of Ethics:

American Translators Association

Organización Mexicana de Traductores (Mexican Translators Organization)