- Technical translation by knowledgeable translators

When you need your translation into Spanish to be accurate, unambiguous and free from cultural and linguistic interferences (in a word, when you want a translation that reads like an original), we can help. If you need translators that are knowledgeable and experienced in translation, language and technology (both your technology and translation technology), we will be happy to help.


Spanish is actually a language full of pitfalls, even for natives. Even the subtlest of changes in verbal tense, prepositional regime or word collocation can drastically change the meaning of a text, or even mar an otherwise excellent translation. I make every effort to deliver timely and impeccable translations. I have a M. A. in literature, proving that I have the skills of attentive reading and careful wordsmithing required in any translator.

Word, Excel, PHP and InDesign. Oh my!

Word processing, presentations, databases, worsheets, web pages, computer-aided design, software development files, desktop publishing… the files to be translated come in literally dozens of computer formats. I try to accommodate most formats used in the industrial and corporate worlds.

I work with Word, Excel and PPT files, that take the lion’s share of my workload. But I work also with other formats: XLIFF, HTML; PHP, Access, AutoCAD, Quark Express, InDesign and Visio, among others. If you have a format not mentioned above, please contact me for an assessment. Also, PDF files can be worked with in most cases, but they need to be reviewed (and quoted) in a case-by-case basis.

ATA Certification

The American Translators Association has a certification program designed to let the translator prove that they meet certain standards of the profession. Clic on the following button to check my certification status and type the number 438532 on the ensuing form.

Fields of expertise

We have experience in a wide range of technological fields, ranging from chemistry to electricity to instrumentation, to automotive to nutrition.


Engineering: civil, chemical, electrical, industrial, agricultural.


Quality manuals and procedures for obtaining and keeping ISO certification, plus training in ethics.


Moving people and goods by earth, land and sea.


Heating, ventilation and air conditioning, both in households and skycrapers.


Information for patients, medical insurance instructions and information, informed consents, nutrition and wellbeing advise.


MSDs, need-to-know information, chemical patents, instructions of use for chemicals… we got you covered.


From executive jets to commercial jets, the aircraft industry is one of the more exacting and demanding specializations


Whether the aim is to engage people, relate, portray, interpret, evaluate, or even educate, we make accessible the complex world of art, culture and museum texts in English, French and Spanish.


All about foods and beverages: Menus, nutrition facts labels, cooking recipes (house and industrial), nutrition advice.


Hotels, resorts, restaurants: all of them need traning, advertising, and customer-oriented documents translated.


Electronics (both industrial and consumer), instrumentation and sensing. If electrons run thru it, then its documents can be translated.


We create flawless scientific translations of texts related to this wonderful natural science (from English or French to Spanish) using formal, objective writing, clear and accurate vocabulary; and also integrating graphics, diagrams and tables.


International commerce is the lifeblod of the global economy. By helping the commerce we help you to thrive.